Our Company


Safety and Quality - Our team of experts always keep this in mind when searching for ammunition, during detection and munitions’ clearance.

Műszeresen felkutatott lőszerek Győr- BombavadászWe built our company on the basis of professional knowledge gained over many years of work in the profession

In the course of our work we use the most modern German ammunition-finding instruments, systems and IT background with safe, professional and controllable technologies developed by us as well.

Our speciality

We are particularly experienced in finding ammunition and in search of drilled-in massive bombs, especially in firing areas and in areas where buildings are being constructed.

Over the years, there has been a growing demand for the search of drilled-in massive bombs at construction sites. The traditionally used ammunition-finding instruments are not suitable for this purpose and cannot measure this depth.


More than...


  • 15 years in the profession.
  • 400 clients we have worked with..
  • 15 million square meter land has been disposed of explosive objects.
  • 4 thousand ammunition has been maped out.


Our previous experiences provide the basis for quality work. In addition to Hungary, we have been studying the technology of exploration of ammunition-bombs-mines in several countries. Our highly experienced colleagues perform day-to-day EOD and ammunition tracing tasks.

What guarantees that we can continuously fulfill our errands and orders at the highest level?


Our company is constantly training and updating its specialists' expertise. We are monitoring the deployment of new military equipment and military explosive devices in the battlefields of the world, and the development of special instruments, measuring instruments and equipment for the clearance of areas. We are constantly updating our knowledge.

Our technical equipment

Over the past decade, we have been continuously developing, consequently we represent the most advanced and most secure instruments in this field. We can meet the high professional requirements of our foreign and domestic customers, with the international and - most importantly - the German technical standards.

Our professional and international contacts

We are also present in our field of internationationally. We are in contact with the Hungarian Defence Forces’ EOD and Warship Regiment, as well as a school specialized in teaching German bomb squads and EOD specialists. Furthermore, we have a license to use the German database as well. We monitor, test, and in case of compliance, we transpose it according to the domestic conditions.


Our membership in the organization

Our company is a regular member of the Hungarian Defense Industry Association.

Quality Assurance

We operate an ISO 9001: 2015 quality assurance system.

Our permits

We have all the necessary permits in the field of ammunition exploration and discharge.

Our Partner is the Army

The explosive devices we discovered are disarmed and destroyed by the EOD division of the Hungarian Defense Forces.