We carry out instrumental exploration of ammunition, bombs and make sure they are disposed of accordingly.

Disposal- bomb exploration at a great depth

We have an outstandingly high professional knowledge and significant experience in the field of EOD. In our company we use the most modern German instruments and systems and, to which we have assigned our a precise, complex, rapidly developing GIS systems and our own developed, safe, professional, verifiable technologies.
This special segment of the rapidly developing military industry is continuously monitored by our company. We study the development of EOD from theoretical, technical, practical aspects in Hungary and abroad, test and apply it into our technology.



EOD – Area release

Discharge of explosives, ammunition from the grounds and special areas with professional terminology is called „area release”.

We revitalize areas that have been used for military purposes in the country before the First World War by the K.u.K army; before the Second World War by the Hungarian Royal Army and the Wehrmacht; after 1945 by the Hungarian People's Army and the Soviet Red Army. Cleaning the area is the basis for this activity.

Areas for shooting ranges, artillery and bombing areas, tank-fire practice areas, and shooting ranges are the areas under the area releasing activities.

We often do our spatial EOD activities in highly protected nature conservation areas, under limited circumstances (without disturbing the bird’s hatchings and migrations, or the habitats for certain animals and plants).

lőszermentesítés precíziós műszeres adatfelvétel Bp. Liszt Ferenc repülőtér

Instrumental soil testing

Our soil testing activities are used by our customers prior to the commencement of archaeological activities, preparation of expert opinions and construction activities. Soil testing is carried out throughout the country to the depths of our customers' technical requirements by our professional staff.

Instrumental soil testing is also required for the search of line-based utilities containing ferromagnetic material in the soil, as well as for the search for lost drill heads and sunken drill pipes.

We also have a great practice in finding buried metal barrels.




In-ground instrumental exploration and explosive objects disposal (EOD) at various depths, taking into account the technical needs of the customer and the features and military history of the area. We make an EOD impact study, impact assessment, technical documentation, and provide full counseling.

  • In-soil exploration and EOD
    In-ground instrumental exploration and explosives’ disposal at various depths, with the customer's technical needs, taking into account the features and military history of the area. Ammunition exploration and EOD can be done by a variety of technologies, based on a ferromagnetic instrument measurement, by making a map based on a ferromagnetic instrument measurement, by producing a magnetic map based on Continue Reading...
  • Areas of construction
    Investigations and EOD of instrumentation with different principles, instrument systems and technologies, until the depths of the customer's technical needs....
  • Undergrowth glading, mechanical groundworking
    Mechanical-manual undergrowth glading to the extent required for the EOD. Furthermore, mechanical-manual undergrowth glading in investment areas....
  • Special areas
    Security investments, complete EOD for areas of civil and military airports as well....
  • Technical documentation
    Creating professional information and technical documentation on the implementation of the EOD....
  • Counseling
    Counseling with ammunition (bombs, grenades, mines), military explosives, detection, tracing and regarding the EOD in the territories....
  • Impact Studies
    Preparation of EOD impact studies on investment and realization areas....
  • Preparation and execution
    Supporting the preparation of safe and statutory area preparation and the execution of EOD....
  • Special projects
    EOD of military areas, shooting ranges, practice areas, barracks and other locations as well....
  • Underwater ammunition detection and EOD
    Underwater instrument ammunition detection and EOD with magnetic mapping, with floats equipped with special measuring instruments. If needed, carried out by divers....


Our company has completed its tasks so far:



Next to Győr, an ex-Soviet practice area was cleared by our team.

  • Traffic car roads
  • Bike trails
  • Bridges, overpasses
  • Areas of underpasses
  • Partitions, pillars, columns
  • Traffic junctions
  • Areas of railway investment
  • Industrial facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Industrial parks
  • Utilities’ trails
  • Linear facilities
  • Full areas of water-related investments
  • Bombed practice fields
  • Main roads, railway stations and railways
  • Security investments (existing and currently operating Hungarian, former Soviet, international, military and civil airports; power plants; Hungarian and former Soviet barracks, military shooting- and training venues; other special defense investment areas; fuel, gas and other chemical storage areas; archaeological exploratory ditches and archaeological sites)